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Patron Mini-Round: Extra! Extra! Second Chance
“Well, there’s Titan’s picture, along with Mr. Abacus, Mitte, Valkyrja and a couple others. Now we can definitely put this silly thing behind us.”
Rebecca threw the newspaper down on the table with that declaration and gave Ethan a pointed look. “Your face is a mess,” she muttered. He still had bruises from his scuffle with S14 but it was nothing serious.
Reaching across the plain oak boards, Ethan looked at the article himself. He’d been disheartened ever since their defeat. Entering the competition had been his idea after all. Even if she had gotten in instead of him, she knew he had seen himself as her sidekick and had been enjoying the prospect. He was frowning as he read. “Some of the candidates forfeited...”
“So? Who cares?” She turned her head towards the door before Ethan could answer. The mailman was approaching the apartment. He had a heavy tread on the stairs with his thick boots, commissioned especially by hi
:iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 0 1
Dear Teen Me: Persevere
Dear teenage me,
I don’t need to ask how you’re doing. I was there. I remember it. It wasn’t even that long ago. I mean, I’m only twenty-one now.
Your future has its ups and downs. Unfortunately a lot of downs.
If you have any sense you’ll stop reading now and experience it for yourself, the way you’re meant to.
If anything I’ll write this to give you some warning of what is to come. I know I’d have appreciated it when I was you.
For a long time now you’ll have noticed you have a lack of stamina. That you get tired quickly when you do a lot of things. There is a reason for that; you’re not out of shape.
If you haven’t got to it yet you will soon, but that headache you have as well, the one that isn’t going away. It’s related to your stamina issues.
You’re going to have to get used to it, it’s only going to get worse.
If you’re not at that point yet, please, for both our sakes, enjoy the pain
:iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 1 0
EX2 R2P2: Doom, Gloom While Things Go...
Harkin was dumbfounded. In all of his years as a career killer he had never met someone he couldn't actually kill. This was proving to be a string of off days for him.
   Grabbing his cane he twisted the handle in a quick combination and pulled out the hidden rapier. Maybe separating this unholy creatures head from his body would do the trick. But as he advanced something didn't feel right. The scientists around him had stopped working. They were all looking up, listening to a banging sound coming from the high ceiling. It was steadily getting louder. And it was directly above him.
   He dived away just in time to avoid a shower of concrete and rubble crashing to the ground and followed by something much heavier. A metallic groaning came from the debris as a figure stood upright, bits of masonry falling off its shoulders as it moved.
   The lab went into panic. Quell was very much visible to them. From the cacophony of noise they either thou
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Ex2 R2P1: For Want of a Bigger Gun
"I could just tell you, y'know?"
   Death was leaning back on a chair, legs swinging idly and hands resting on the back of his head. As usual his eyes were obscured beneath the brim of his hat.
   Glancing up from the mirror Harkin's lip twitched before he looked back. They were sitting in one of the ground floor rooms of the hotel in Nothing. It was a simple room but well decorated. It had plush chairs and carpets, a small chandelier and even a few paintings of moonlit landscapes. On the table in front of Harkin was a tray with a delicate china teapot and two cups. His was now slowly filling up with shaving cream. His long coat lay draped across the back of his chair and his sleeves were rolled up out of the way.
   "I don't want to know..." he muttered as he carefully pulled a blade across his cheek, shaving away the stubble that had begun to grow during his time away from home. The methodical clink of the blade on the edge of the c
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Patron Secondary Char: Ethan
Patron Character Reference Template
(Secondary Character)
Ethan Zauberstein
Super alia: N/A
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Power (Short ver.): Ability to transform his body into stone.
Weight: 115 pounds/345 pounds
Build: Weedy & unimpressive/Solid & defined
Skin: Caucasian, slightly on the pale side/Stone, similar in colour to light sandstone
Hair: Black and crew cut/ N/A
Eyes: Very light brown/Glowing amber
Other defining features: Wears glasses (the arms of which are mangled: see quirks), doesn't wear shoes.
Clothing Simple trousers held up by suspenders with a wrinkled white long-sleeved shirt. Wears an old newspaper boy hat most of the time.
Due to the nature of his powers his clothes have been custom made to change with his size, to avoid the embarrassing result that would otherwise occur when he changes back.
His hat is the only item of clothing that does not
:iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 0 1
Ex2 R1: Late Arrival
The city of Nothing was both alien and yet, at times, oddly familiar. Certain buildings and areas could pass for those in London, while others Harkin could never have imagined.
Upon arriving he'd forgone the invitation to rest at the hotel and had gone exploring. Knowing at least a small part of the city's layout could help in the long run.
Death had told him a little about the city, engaging in small talk on their journey. He knew that any number of his previous victims could be here. The faithless ones at least.
An afterlife for those without beliefs. He had been pondering this as he wandered the streets, the city's colours muted and distorted. Was this his fate once he died? He didn't, or hadn't, believed in any gods. But what he was seeing now, that proved otherwise. His wife had been unsure in life and Death's information led him to believe she was here, somewhere.
Now that he knew otherwise, would he stil
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EXII: Aud An American God In London
It had been a fine dance between the two. A swirling dress and dazzling lights amidst a crowd of party-goers, caught up in the music.
   He leaned forward and whispered in her ear and the two departed upstairs, pleasantries exchanged with other guests as they went.
   Entering a side bedroom the two continued their dance, away from prying eyes. Her husband, a boorish man, was away in his study, down the hall. The music would drown out any noises coming from the room.
   The hostess drew close, eyes half shut, a coy smile on her lips. Once again he leaned forward, his hand on her back, mouth open to speak.
   "My apologies,"
   But as he leant in her expression had changed. Eyes and mouth open wide in shock, in pain. There was no scream.
Removing the blade from her side, and precautionary hand over her mouth, Harkin gently lowered the body to the floor, the charming expression fading to one of thinly veiled conte
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The Exchange II: Ref: Harkin Derringer
Harkin Deringer
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Weight: Average, 150 pounds
Build: Lean
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Short light brown, looks slicked back
Eyes: Gray
Other defining features:
Clean shaven, middle and ring finger on left hand are missing (replaced with mechanical prosthetics).
His face could be described as somewhat sharp looking but not overly so. His nose isn't pointy, for example.
Clothing: Victorian-era suits and fine clothing.
For the tournament, as he won't be under cover Harkin will be wearing a dark grey long coat (which he'll remove in a close-combat fight) with a grey waistcoat and dark red shirt underneath. Matching dark grey trousers follow and a pair of black shoes to finish off the simple but sophisticated ensemble.
Misanthropic (disillusioned with society), somewhat vain, but tries to carry an air of profes
:iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 0 14
Of Wolves and Dream Catchers
A desolate plane of rocks and jagged mountains stretch out endlessly. A pitch black sky hangs overhead. Blood red splashes illuminate the surrounding cliffs with no source for the sinister lighting, highlighting serrated peaks and black stone.
   A young boy wanders this foreboding landscape alone and frightened; his parents nowhere to be seen. He does not know why he is here, or where it might be. His blue clothes make him stand out in stark contrast to the environment he finds himself in, obvious and exposed.
   From the distance comes the long lonely howl of a wolf, echoing through empty chasms. The forlorn cry does not remain so solitary for long. A chorus of howls soon join in, creating a terrifying cacophony of hunters seeking their prey.
   The boy takes flight as the snarling, growling mass converge on him, running for his life up the narrow paths of the mountains, running precariously along narrow edges, loose stones falling into ob
:iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 1 6
X Grab My Bandwagon by AgerianWriting X Grab My Bandwagon :iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 5 7 KC: Dalmij by AgerianWriting KC: Dalmij :iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 3 6
FM: Jeremy Baird
Name: Jeremy Baird
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Species: Human
---Physical Appearance---
Height: 6 ft 1
Weight: 11 St. 4
Build: Average build, not particularly muscled.
Skin: Caucasian, very slightly tanned from exposure to the sun but looks darker due to accumulated dirt and grime.
Hair: Dark brown with several streaks of gray. Jeremy doesn't particularly care about the state of his hair and as such it's about shoulder length, rather greasy looking and very messy.
Eyes: Dark green.
Other defining features/anatomy: Much like his hair Jeremy has little self-regard for his appearance and has grown a thick coating of stubble. There is a bullet wound on/through his left shoulder, recently healed but the hole is still there on his clothing.
Gait/Posture: When in a non-combat situation Jerry really looks like he couldn't care less, he's just getting from A to B or waiting for whatever to happen. During a fight or when he thinks there's danger about he becomes much more cautio
:iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 0 5
Mature content
AV: Right Behind You :iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 3 5
Mature content
AV: Between a rock... :iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 2 3
BS: Complicated Research
It was a single PAK leg through his chest, generally considered a fatal injury for most species. A ghost of a smile on his lips as he light-heartedly praises his opponent before the colour drains from his features and he falls to the ground dead.
     They had known about his fear of death from the start. Or rather his peculiar fear of being dead and yet alive at the same time. One reason why he had avoided Codename: Theta like the plague, back when he lived here, in the facility.
     "How disappointing..." Stigma muttered as he watched the screen. The loyalist had won through what he declared dumb luck. Heta was watching with him, scowling all the time before making an annoyed sound.
     A light chuckle shook them out of their moping. "It's not over yet."
     Heta gestured to the large screen. "You're getting senile in your old age Sho. He's dead."
     The o
:iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 1 3
Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP by AgerianWriting Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP :iconagerianwriting:AgerianWriting 8 23
Look! It's new stuff! (If it's been updated that is -_- ) Most of it's IZ stuff anyway at the moment. Why IZ stuff you may ask? Well if I'm honest it's because it's a fun and simple style to doodle in.
In fact now it mostly seems to be writings instead of drawings!

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Look! They're favourific! And way better than me to boot! (Heh, go self-esteem!)


It's been a while. And boy has a lot happened since my last journal entry over a year a go.
So since May 30 2013 I completed my fundraiser, I forget how much money I raised, but I donated my hair and have remained short haired since.
Sadly one of my cats was run over and died. The younger one, Sam, we still miss him. The older one is sat with me as I write this, she's still as noisy and attention seeking as ever.
I moved house again, funnily enough my last entry was just after I had moved. Moved a bit further this time, the other end of the country. I'm now closer to my extended family and it's been wonderful connecting with them all. However I've lost near al contact with my old friends down south. I miss them. I keep trying to get in touch but it feels a bit futile.
I think depression has hit me hard again right now, my headaches are worse than ever. It's 2 am and I just felt like writing this. It seems so attention seeking.
I haven't made any progress on my book. I don't think I've written anything since last year. I miss writing, but I've been in a creative dead end for so long now.
The only thing keeping me sane right now are the friends I've made online playing mmos. None of them know who I am on here so no risk of them seeing this. Apart from my family they're the only social interaction I have. I'm wasting my time playing games though but that and taking to them is the closest I can get to ignoring my headaches. Painkillers aren't working, and I'm taking strong ones now, the new medication isn't doing anything either.
But going back to speaking about friends. I've missed you guys on here I truly have. Entering OCTs, talking about writing, seeing your stories and artwork reading your journals, having silly conversations about this and that. It's this creative quagmire I'm in, seeing my old work just makes me feel lousy that I can't summon the energy or thought to write or draw or do anything I said I was going to do in the past.
I think I'm over tired, should go to bed. Probably going to regret writing this later when I get up.
Let me know what's been going on in your lives, it would be lovely to hear how you guys are doing.


AgerianWriting's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
22 years old and unemployed, that's me. I look like a homeless guy 90% of the time. That's not even my top hat in that picture there!
I have type 1 diabetes, which I've had for 15 years now and M.E./Chronic fatigue syndrome, the main reason I don't have a job, which I've had for maybe 6 years now, we're not sure.
I just about managed to get through college/highschool with A-levels in Psychology, Sociology and Communication & Culture, but due to my health had to forestall my plans of going to university.
I started a novel 5 years a go and have yet to finish as I struggle with new ideas, rediesigns, the M.E., procrastination, re-writes, writing block and many other facets of life.



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Happy merry birthday to you my friend! :D
I hope you have a great day. :)
I have a little sketch prepared for ya, but it'll take a while until I'll be able to scan and upload it. >_>
AgerianWriting Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. :tighthug:
Aw, you didn't have to draw anything for me. x3

Oh yeah, here's a little sneaky update that I'm going to put in a journal, but I'm telling you first. A certain someone who's name begins with B and ends with eta may be making a return soon. :shifty:
Tulpen-Teufel Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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